At Knoxfield Florist we understand that every wedding is different and every bride unique. We create bouquets to suite the individual and therefore no two bouquets are the same. Below is a selection of the numerous Bridal bouquets we have created. For your wedding day please contact us for a personal consultation to design your bouquet.

Teardrop bouquets or trailing designs – This style of wedding bouquet is the most luxurious style of the many available. Beautiful blooms softly cascading from the Bride’s hand and enhancing the stunning wedding gown. Teardrop bouquets are perfect for Mermaid cut gowns, Sheaf style or Princess cut gowns as their elongated outline assists in lengthening the profile of the Bride, completing her stunning appearance. Choose from modern arranging or traditional arranging based on the wedding theme and the style of the gown.

Please note however that teardrops do not suit Knee or tea length gowns, but must be selected for full length gowns.


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Posies – whether these are created with natural stems showing or in a bridle holder/water source, these are simple classic designs. Custom selected sized balls of flowers held by the bride to one side of her gown. These designs can consist of almost any variety of flowers desired and are idea for a Princess cut gown or an Empire cut gown. Posies are also suited to knee length, tea length and full length gowns. Choose between modern or traditional depending on the style of the gown and the theme of the wedding.
Please note that Posies do not suit Mermaid cut gowns or ‘V’ necklines as they have a shortening effect to the Bride’s profile.
If you are unsure as to which style is best suited to you, please call our experience bridal florists on (03) 9763 7852.


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European Bouquet
These exciting designs push the boundaries in floral design and the imaginations of all who view them. European designs present flowers and foliage’s in a previously unthought-of way and are custom made to suit each bride’s individual tastes and wedding theme. Winter Muffs, Trailing designs, Contemporary handbags, Circular posies and Structure enhancing designs are just a few of the bouquets available to be created. These bouquets are custom designed to suit any style of gown and are perfect for a contemporary/modern wedding theme.
Call our expert wedding florists to create the perfect European wedding bouquet for you. (03) 9763 7852.

Trailing Designs

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Posy Shaped Designs

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Floral Jewellery

Floral Jewellery is an exciting new trend that can be worn by the bride or lady of the bridal party to enhance their attire. The jewellery can be made as a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, a corset, a belt, etc. and is designed to the gown and complexion of the wearer. Below are a few examples of Floral Jewellery. For further information and to design a piece for yourself, simply call our experienced florists on (03) 9763 7852.

Floral Jewellery

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